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April Think Magazine Tracy Dunn Design

Check out the latest home design trends in the April issue of Think Magazine

Think_April_2015 Click cover to read the issue.

April Think Magazine is out and I decided to focus on home details.  Featured here are some of the latest home accessory items that are chic, fun, and bright.  When designing a room in your home, think of it in 3 stages.  The first stage is the groundwork such as upholstery, case goods, paint , wall coverings, and any structural and electrical changes.  The second phase is the next layer, to start bringing the room together such as lamps, chandeliers, rugs, occasional pieces, etc.  Some designers like to start with a rug; I typically do not, unless the client is in love with their existing rug that maybe they purchased on a trip and they want the design concept to revolve around that rug!  Usually a design concept starts with a starting point; whether it is a fabric, a rug, an antique, etc.. and the room design concept begins.  The third stage is all about the details, and oh do they matter.  Paintings, prints, coffee table books, pillows, framed photographs.  The list goes on and on…Some of the items that are featured represent some hot trends.  The raffia boxes that would look great on a coffee table and built-ins are stunning.  They come in several colors and with the pineapple closure which means hospitality, who can resist those.  I might add, they would make a great hostess gift!  Raffia is being seen everywhere from wrapped occasional coffee tables to media consoles and headboards.  For those of us in South Florida, what a great texture to add to your room.  The other big punch is LUCITE!  I showed it here as a serving tray but it is being used on all kinds of furniture.  There are vintage pieces out there as well as new pieces. If you are interested in lucite pieces, do your research or hire an Interior Designer; you want an higher end acrylic so it doesn’t turn yellow.  The beautiful bright painting is from a local South Florida artist, Daniel Caldwell. This depicts a scene in St. Barths, one of my favorite destinations.

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