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Classic Interiors and Gardens

Touring the beautiful gardens and classic interiors of the country home of Bunny Williams and John Rosselli ( and ( during the Trade Secrets Event. This is one of the gorgeous rooms in, “The Barn”. Details such as styling a coffee table with unusual accessories, filling the bookcases with numerous books and lighting, mixing old and new, and adding color with pillows, throws, and other smalls gives the room a warm, welcoming feel that you could live in the room all day. This is what I call, “decorating.”

The Parterre Garden
The Parterre Garden

We were told the day of the tour from the owners that they received a lot of rain days before the event, and within two days the gorgeous tulips opened up. I love how tulips take a life of their own.

Classic Garden Design
The Woodland Garden

Walking the The Woodland Garden which is comprised of 12 acres of beautiful trees, plants, and garden ornaments. Behind me is the Pool House designed with architecture representing a Greek Temple. The pool is right behind it, with the coping made out of limestone to give the pool area a very natural feel and look that is fitting for the Woodland Garden.

Classic Interiors
The Barn’s Entrance

Another view of The Barn showing the entrance and additional classic interior design and decorating. I love using a sofa console table as a bar, where guests feel welcome to make themselves a drink. I always place decorative piece(s) underneath a console so it doesn’t look bear. Here, a beautiful leopard print dog bed fills the space nicely.

Classic Interiors, Classic Design
The Barn

An idea of how to accessorise a side table, and notice the layering of art work so the walls don’t look bare. Sometimes it is nice to leave a beautiful window bare to let the pretty landscaping and light come in. I love adding the tapestry wing chair to give the space warmth and color.

Tracy Dunn Design - Classic Regency Style White Country Home
An Affair With A House

Another view of the beautiful white Regency Style country home of Bunny Williams ( and John Rosselli ( and part of their beautiful manicured garden. This home is depicted in the book, “An Affair With A Home.” This was one of my first design books I bought, and I just love it! In addition to the beautiful photos of their home and grounds, there are some of their favorite recipes they share. A great book to pick up over a weekend with a cup of coffee.

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