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Tablescapes For Easter and Spring

As Easter is in two days, and we are all staying inside more then ever, I thought I would share some of my favorite table designs that you can be inspired by and create your own. A suggestion… take an inventory of what you have and mix. Have you ever thought about adding in some trinkets and fun decor? Your table doesn’t have to be just china, crystal, silver, glassware, linens, and flowers. I would love to see what you come up with!! Post on instagram and tag me so I can share your designs, If you have any questions you can always DM me. Happy Easter Weekend1 xoxo, Tracy

Classic Blue, White, and Green.

Fun Tropical Scheme.

Beautiful table design courtesy of Carolyn Roehm

Fun idea for Easter. I love to use my Herend bunnies in my table designs

Herend Bunnies

Different shades of blues, turquoise, and green for a lovely design from Spring through Summer.

A lovely tablesetting design courtesy of Aerin Lauder.

Beautiful table design courtesy of Meg Braff

One of my schemes for an Easter setting a couple years ago.

I hope everyone has a lovely, safe, and healthy Easter weekend. Pull out you beautiful collections or anything you love and mix and have fun!! Use your things! xoxo, Tracy


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