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Traditional Christmas Home Decor For Your Entranceway

Traditional Christmas Home Decor For Your Entranceway.  Please see some of my favorite ideas for decorating your entranceway and home for Christmas.


 Traditional Christmas home decor in South Florida.


Very classic, traditional, and pretty Christmas decor for their entranceway.


This is so beautiful mixing magnolia, fresh Christmas greens, and pine cones. The traditional Christmas home decor fits perfectly with the Southern Charm of the house with gas lanterns.


Simple, classic, elegant, traditional decor.  I love how the garland is draped with the red velvet ribbon loosely wrapped.  Double wreaths on a door are such an added touch.


Classic and pretty and suits the entranceway of the home.  This is from Grandinroad catalog.


This is fabulous with how the poinsettias and fresh greenery line the curved staircase.  Love the ornament display over the front door.  And to see the Christmas tree through the beautiful curved window, makes it extra special.


I love the combination of using the fresh wreath with the fresh garland as one unit.  It outlines the traditional pediment so nicely.  I love a high gloss black lacquer front door.  Very traditional Christmas decor.


Simple traditional Christmas home decor.  I love mixing the magnolia and Christmas greens. Beautiful wooden double doors add such warmth to the white clapboard home.


This classic  white home is the perfect backdrop for traditional Christmas home decor.  I love a wreath on every window, and check out the beautifully lit Christmas tree peaking through the arched window.  I love the addition of the angels, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”


Some architecture lends itself to decorating with burgundy ribbon other then the traditional red.  These iron gates are so beautiful in front of the french doors.  Such a pretty entranceway.

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