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“East Coast Blend” Feature Article in Southern Lady

Southern Lady magazine containing the feature article, “East Coast Blend”, showcasing designer Tracy Dunn Design just hit the stands!

I was thrilled when Southern Lady magazine decided to photograph and feature one of my projects with a generous ten page spread in their magazine.  Although I am a second generation South Floridian, my design style blends two East coast regions (New England and South Florida) to create my unique brand of Florida chic.
Recently, there has been a surge in the South Florida market that prefers the new “modern” approach to interior design.  However, I find that there is still a substantial segment that associates more with the traditional, warm, classic, and timeless design style.   One reason why…several of these homeowners are from the Northeast and that is the only design style they know.  Therefore, if you like the home and design style of New England, but you also prefer the weather of South Florida, this article is for you.
Homeowners want their interiors to be comfortable, fresh, and elegant.  This article depicts how I created such an environment.  One common thread you will see is how I layer each room with different textures and colors.  Layering grounds a room, and it makes the room comfortable and interesting.  Layering can also tell several stories, such as what pieces you picked up in different parts of the world while traveling.  Using a client’s trinkets or art work that are dear to his or her heart is sometimes the starting point of a design project.  The home should reflect the client’s taste and lifestyle.
As you scroll through this feature, layering goes beyond color and texture; it also applies to mixing new pieces with vintage finds, as well as with collectibles and books.  The living room is a perfect example.  Notice the beautiful collection of Chinese Canton porcelain in the built-ins.  The room mixes in mostly new upholstery with the exception of the charming slipper chair and pair of french foot stools.  The antiques and vintage finds are mostly found in the case pieces and lighting.
If you own a home in South Florida, having a porch is a must!  The porch featured on pages 67 and 68 was built and designed as a continued living space.  It flows beautifully off the kitchen and breakfast room and has all the necessities for an extended family room.  Not shown is a full summer kitchen that is used almost every night, as well as an outdoor fireplace with a t.v. above.  The decor of white and several shades of blues from Quadrille fabrics grounded with slate flooring is classic chic design, whether your home is in South Florida or New England!

EastCoastBlend_thumbnailClick on image to see the article.

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