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Designing A Ladies Bedroom In Coastal Colors and Various Textures

Designing a ladies bedroom in coastal colors and various textures Luxe_cover_thumb-126x150was my muse for this project.   A  big thank you to Luxe Magazine for including my design project in this month’s (January 2016) issue of the Palm Beach/Broward edition.
The project was a complete renovation of a young ladies bedroom.  The before bedroom was decorated in the colors of hot pink, brown and turquoise without much functionality.  The client’s only request was that the bedroom be comfortable, cozy, and beautiful.  I immediately thought of coastal colors as my design inspiration.
The function of the room was important too.  The teenager is able to study, sleep and hang out with her friends. As soon as I showed my client the Stark wall covering, she fell in love with it, and I knew I had my starting point of the design phase.  I think texture is a key element when designing a room, as it gives the space a layered look.
You will notice all the shades of white used in different textures playing off the different shades of greens and pale blues used in different textures.  For example, notice the blue green grass cloth used on one wall for impact as well as the sea glass chandelier, and the high gloss lacquered custom designed furniture.  It is hard to notice in the photograph, but there is a big oversized comfortable chair by Lee Industries in the corner that the young lady lounges in quite often on her cell phone and studying.
One of my big challenges for this project was finding the right case goods.  The client wanted ample drawer space for clothes, a desk, and nightstand.  She loved the look of high gloss lacquer, but I couldn’t find anything in the market that fit all her requirements in look, functionality, size, etc.  I then decided I would custom design the furniture so we could get the exact look we wanted.  What we loved about the design of these pieces is they are somewhat unique.  I used a combination of high gloss lacquer, maple wood, and very high end acrylic with polished chrome as the hardware and lacquer knobs.  The clients were quite happy when the project was completed.  The young lady will enjoy the bedroom for years to come through college
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